Patient First Visit Expectation

  • Upon entering our clinic you will register with our friendly front desk personnel. They will then help you with the insurance process or inquiries you may have such as payment so you can better focus on your recovery.
  • You will meet with our physical therapist for questionnaires regarding your condition and they will then perform your initial evaluation.
  • On your initial evaluation, Paloma therapists will discuss questions regarding about your medical history, current pain level and others to determine how to best approach your condition. Our therapists are very friendly so open communication will helps us better understand your concerns.
  • Our overall goal during your treatment is to is to make the whole process as comfortable as possible while helping you get to your normal movement state. Your assigned therapist will be evaluating your coordination, movement range, muscle strength, and other area. Please ensure to communicate to your assigned therapist and let them know if anything is bothering you during the evaluation.
  • Our physical therapists will discuss recommendations and prepare a series of treatments to ensure the best results for you. Depending on your condition, some treatments could start on your first visit and your full treatment plan will be performed on your next visit.
  • Our physical therapists submit their findings and plan of care to your physician or other medical professional of your choosing.
  • After seeing your assigned therapist you will then schedule your series of visits with our front desk staff. We gladly offer flexible appointment times, but is still best to book ahead for your added convenience.
  • For other questions you may have please visit our
  • Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to help you answer questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call us and speak to our friendly staff to discuss other inquiries you may have. We want you to have the best experience at our clinic during your recovery.

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