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Dr. Imelda is the best, caring and knowdlegable therapist for Lymphedema I know in El Paso, Texas. My husband suffered with this for nine years and only one doctor recognized what this condition was and sent him to Dr. Imelda. Thank you Dr. Imelda. Please, everyone who suffers from Lymphedema, save your limbs and life and go to Dr. Imelda for treatment. Thank you a million Dr. Imelda for saving his legs and possibly his life with your treatment. We love you!!!
- Annette T.

I am L G Baumgarten a 94 year old resident of El Paso, Texas who encountered an unknown problem with my lower legs about 16 months ago, left leg was swollen and both legs were forming patches of drying and flaking skin. I went to my medical provider for an evaluation. The diagnosis provided was that the symptoms and condition pointed to edema. Cream type lotions were prescribed and applied accordingly. As time progressed the condition became more severe with large patches of dry skin forming and liquids were emitting from pores of both legs. This became a serious problem for me when bathing or sleeping. During this period an open wound occurred on my right leg that required several weeks of home care nursing. Further consultation with my provider indicated that a certified lymphedema therapist should be seen and Paloma Wellness & Rehabilitation was recommended.
At first I was dubious, how will a physical therapist help? Nonetheless I made an appointment, usual paper work, and was introduced to Imelda Palisoc, PT DPT who reviewed my circumstance and pronounced that I had severe Lymphedema that would require multiple visits to bring under control. She provided me with both verbal and printed handouts about Lymphedema treatment and care.
After the review of my circumstance the lymphedema treatments began. The primary treatment was administered by Dr. Imelda and consisted of the hand manipulation(Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MLD) of the lymph nodes, commencing at the neck area and progressing to the lower legs. Associated with the MLD were compression wrappings of the lower legs. Then utilized their gym for the physical exercise of the lower portions of the lege, all were painless procedures. The overall staff is to be commended for their assistance during my many visits. Her predictions have proven to be very true. At this point in time my legs are clear of any evidence of my previous problems and it is now a pleasure to bath again. I would not have any hesitation to recommend Paloma to anyone who may have Lymphedem as this is one their specialty treatments.

- Lawrence B.

I am 70, a retired nurse/flight attendant with lots of body issues and fibromyalgia… and I have been going to Paloma for over 2 years…..and have been to Physical Therapy in many areas of the country… and have never been treated so well.
Am receiving dry needling for hip, back , wrist and foot.
It keeps me moving and able to do what I want to which is working in garden, hiking, and keeping my house going.
Without Imelda I would be homebound which is not how I want to keep living..
I don’t think there is an employee there that she has hired that doesn’t have a smile on their face…
Can’t go wrong going here…

- Jean H.

Awesome staff! They treated my mom like their own family. They’re passionate about providing excellent care every day. Paloma Wellness, in my opinion is the BEST Physical Therapy services in El Paso.

- Marie D.

I have been a patient there for nearly a year due to two different shoulder surgeries (each shoulder), and for rehabilitation for my knee due to a severe sprain. Everyone who works there is knowledgeable, motivational and in general very fun to work with. They are well versed in working with the VA and Tri-West, which is a huge bonus.

They do offer a wide variety of services and are very likely able to help you with every aspect of your your physical therapy needs, before and after surgeries. They are also very good with the elderly, people with special needs, young adults and children as well. Should you need Physical Therapy of any type, you would benefit greatly by choosing them.

- Renae M.

Palomas has taken great care of my son Noah. I can never thank them enough! The staff is like family! I don’t trust anyone else with my sons physical therapy needs more than I trust Paloma’s Wellbess & Rehabilitation!!

- Kathy H.

The whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me personalize workouts for the gym and helped me with home exercises when I didn’t have time to schedule appointments. I highly recommend.
- Douglas S.

Several years ago, while visiting family in EL Paso, I desperately need physical therapy for a severely pinched nerve in my lower back. I luckily was directed to Paloma Wellness & Rehabilitation by friends. Dr. Palisoc used a treatment that I’d never heard of in my 40 plus years of receiving chiropractic care and physical therapy. It’s called dry needling. I can say without any reservation that Dr. Palisoc and her team of therapists have changed my life for the better by allowing my to live without the constant pain I endured for so long. I highly recommend Paloma Wellness and Rehabilitation to anyone seeking relief from constant pain.

- Robert B.

This is one of the best places to get physical therapy from. Not only are the workers knowledgeable and experienced but at the same time, it’s as if I was a part of a family. I felt comfortable talking with them, they treated me as a friend rather than a patient. The environment I found myself in was fun. I always thought that physical therapy would end up being boring and discouraging; however, I found that this clinic was the exact opposite of that and I’m absolutely grateful I chose this clinic for my physical therapy.
- Kyle G.

Amazing people! All so nice and worked awesome with me. Got me up and going! I highly recommend!
- Antonio B.

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