Spinach Superfood

Popularized by a famous cartoon show “Popeye the Sailor Man”, spinach is a green, leafy vegetable that is considered a superfood by fitness and nutrition experts. Spinach provides essential nutrients that our body needs such as protein, iron, vitamins and minerals in such a small package and it’s also low in calorie.

Thought to be of Persian origin, spinach is often used in Mediterranean cuisine, South-East-Asian, and Middle-Eastern cuisines. Spinach can be prepared in a variety of ways and can be eaten at its most beneficial, its raw form. This leafy vegetable is quite easy to incorporate into our daily diet throughout the year as it is a hardy plant that could survive throughout the winter months.

Benefits of Eating Spinach

Helps Strengthen Muscles and Bone

Nutrients such as magnesium and folate found in spinach can aid with our body’s energy metabolism therefore resulting an increase in energy to perform our day to day activities.

Various vitamins such as Vitamin K and D and minerals like magnesium and potassium present in spinach can also help us build stronger bones could lower the chances of conditions such as osteoporosis from occurring. Magnesium, potassium and nitric acid found in spinach can help maintain our body’s optimal blood pressure which is essential for our muscles to get the proper nutrients they need especially when performing more intensive physical activities. Spinach is also good source of antioxidants (C0-Q10) which plays an important role in strengthening our muscles.

Reduces Inflammation

Anti-Inflammatory compounds found in spinach that is classified into the category of methylenedioxy flavonoid glucuronides can help reduce inflammation. Reducing the inflammation in our body will expedite our recovery for that next set of work out and could potentially reduce pain in conditions such as arthritis.


Spinach is good source of vitamins and minerals essential for our body’s function. But eating healthy in combination with regular exercises is generally an overall good measure to take in maintaining our wellness and improving our health. For more information about the conditions we treat to help you stay active and how Paloma Wellness and Rehabilitation can help you, visit our website or call us at (915) 584-5683.